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Training isn't Just Important, It's Vital!
Employees:  Attracting, Screening and Engaging

In the past employees competed and did their best to attract an employer’s attention.  Now the tides are turned and attracting long term engaged employees is a marketing and branding challenge.  However, it is more than just filling the hiring funnel.  Automating the filtering process with modern tools is key to keeping toxic problems away from your workforce.  A bad hire is much more costly than a “non-hire.”  Then keeping those on the team engaged, while simple, needs to be done with intention.  Engaged employees have less absenteeism, turnover, and accidents.

This session will include high-level Marketing/Branding ideas as well as simple take-a-ways that can be adopted or implemented right away.  Employee engagement can be measured, but then what?  The panel will share their experience with some of the tools and the positive results.

Technology in the Sweeping Business Today

Technology makes it possible for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower and helps to reduce the cost of doing business. Technology helps business operations by keeping them connected to suppliers, customers and their sales force.


This session will touch on various departments within our companies and the technology that has changed and advanced the sweeping industry.


Topics will Include:


  • Types of Technology and it’s Different Forms

    • Smart phones, GPS, Dash Cams, etc.

  • Back Office Technology

    • CRM, Enterprise System, Routing  & Scheduling Management

  • Field Technology

    • DOT Compliance, Data Capture, ELD’s

  • Future Technology

    • Robotics, Autonomous, AI

Marketing in Today's World
Technology has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Customer expect that companies will communicate with them in the ways they've become accustomed to, like social media. It's critical for marketers to be aware of their customers's communication preferences and stay on top of the leading marketing trends. Learn why social media is so important and how to best take advantage of various marketing tools. 

In this session we will discuss 

Social Media Marketing Development and Execution

1) Social Media Marketing and Advertising - Knowing and understanding the difference and tactics to allocate advertising dollars to achieve growth and reach.

2) Which Social Media channels are best for the sweeping industry?  - How to best reach the property managers, facility managers and potential clients.

3) Why Social Media is more important now than ever to your internet presence. – How social media channels affect your brand. How NAP and DA within different social media channels affect search engine reviews and rankings.

4) What can you do on your own to get started right now. - Techniques to use if you cannot afford to outsource your company's social media needs.

5) When should you hire it out? – Don’t wait until you need to clean up mistakes and bad practices.

Website Development and Marketing Development and Execution

1) Website development is about content and links. - How to develop and maintain the best of both. Your existing Google My Business page is your starting point.

2) Advertising your website and company - Google? Yellow Pages? Local magazine that sells internet ads too? Search intention and re targeting potential customers who visit.

3) Mobile device compatibility for websites. - Beyond the obvious importance of frequent use and 3 ways to test your site today.

4) What can you do on your own to get started building a site. Pros and cons of a DIY (create it yourself) website builder. Understanding domain names and URLs - know the difference and make sure you maintain the best of both.

5) Clean-up problems (from former bad practices) that may affect your ability to succeed. Quick self-tests and internal auditing reviews to help determine if/when it's time to bring in a pro?

Is Safety your #1 Priority?
Safety in the sweeping industry is extremely important. Everyone thinks they have high safety standards, but how do your employees follow these standards? Or do they?

Safety in the sweeping industry is extremely important. Everyone thinks they have high safety standards but how do your employees follow these standards?


Speakers will provide “nuggets” that can be taken back to their companies and implement immediately. 

 This practical partner focused presentation will focus on how 1-800-SWEEPER companies are providing a safe environment for their employees and the surrounding community.

  • We will provide attendees with a comprehensive pre and post trip check list

  • Sweeping industry specific accident packet and investigation forms

  • Discussion on how to implement and utilize Drive Cameras into your fleet

  • And much more…..

Making the Most of Maintenance

Maintaining and servicing a power sweeping fleet in today’s environment is as challenging as ever.  Using modern tools and technology can streamline the fleet maintenance process and keep your shop running efficiently.  From tracking your shop inventory to documenting your repair requests this panel of experts will lay out their approach to addressing common fleet maintenance issues while using new technology. 

Would you like for your drivers to be able to better describe a problem they are experiencing with their truck?  Could the communication flow from the shop to your management team be improved?  This session will also offer ideas on how to enhance communication between your drivers, mechanics and management team as they work together to identify and address equipment issues.

Also, when it comes to fixing new equipment should you have a different approach to trouble shooting vs older equipment?  New equipment should require less maintenance than older equipment, but does it? 

The members of this panel have a variety of different shop help, fleet types, and environmental conditions which gives them each a unique approach to how they maintain their equipment.   

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